I’m a firm believer that people should be held accountable for their actions for every action has a reaction.  I know several people in my life are struggling with this concept right now.  Many of my friends and family have found themselves exiled from my circle.  Most, without an explanation, or without a perceived explanation from me.  You see, I did warn them.  I posted several messages before and after the recent Presidential election letting people know I would not keep people in my life if they voted for the Republican candidate Rapey J. Cheeto (you’ll be hard-pressed for me to ever use his real name).

I believe in accountability.  I feel like people who say “Oh I don’t agree with his racism, misogyny, bigotry, homophobia, and lies; I just voted for change” are willful hypocrites. I am a rape survivor and you voted for someone who believes raping women is “locker room sport”.  I have a gay son and you voted for someone who believes homosexuals should be electrocuted until they become straight again.  I have African-American family members and you voted for someone who said minorities were rapists and criminals.  I am disabled and you voted for someone who publicly made fun of a disabled man on national television.  My husband is a Union Steelworker and you voted for someone who said Unions are useless, that union workers need to work more and talk less, someone who attacked an American worker for no reason and caused him to get death threats.

Just admit you don’t care about others and you’re a selfish person.  It’s okay, he made it okay for you to embrace your secret feelings that we “others” are not your people, we are not equal to you, and; in being worthless, you need not treat us with the same respect and privileges that you enjoy.  Rapey  Cheeto has made it okay for you to embrace your hatred and bigotry and hold it dear.  He encouraged you to vote for it and to deny it in front of your peers and use God and Change as your excuses for doing so.

You claimed for the last eight years that the problem was a black man in the White House but you weren’t racist because you have black friends.  Your party believes that people should continue to be poor and uneducated because those people are their core voters, easily duped, just as you were.  Just look at where you are now.  Your Rapey Cheeto is up on Treason charges just this morning.

So yes, I deleted you from my life and have no plans to change that.  My cut off game is strong too, just ask my mother.  I cannot and will not allow your selfishness to influence the way I live.  I will not pretend that we can be friends when I know who you really are behind your bullshit and rhetoric.

The 2016 Presidential Election was a test of DECENCY and you failed.






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