Let’s Talk

I think people need to take this opportunity and really start honest conversations on both sides about what can be fixed, who can change, where we can compromise so that we can all live better lives.

To do that though, we all have to be very, very honest about the people we voted for. Hillary had issues sure. She wasn’t Satan. And Trump is not the Messiah.

You cannot tell me honestly that as a good person, just a good person you would ever condone his behavior if he said any of what he’s said, tweeted, or done in your personal presence. You wouldn’t condone it if he did or said those things to your wife, mother, or daughter. You would not tolerate your own sons speaking to people, fucking over people like he does.

Stop talking about Hillary. No one cares about her anymore lol. We care about the awful person you people act like the sun rises and sets for. We are good people too. The difference is, we are able to tell the truth about the people we vote for. Hillary did some stupid shit, but you know what? She didn’t do it alone (approval from others for Benghazi/Congress slashed security at Embassy, others in government use private emails, cell phones, and servers) and she doesn’t come close to compromising my personal safety like the Rapey Cheeto does.

So let’s get real, let’s have a real conversation where we talk about something relevant because the Clinton’s no longer are. Let’s talk about something other than safe spaces, coloring books, and puppies. Let’s talk about your incoherent belief that your opinion is now fact and anything else is fake news. Let’s talk about Rapey Cheeto’s ties to Russia and Israel. Better, let’s talk about Congress and how they plan to shut down everyone who isn’t a part of the 1% and how you can help prevent your friends, family, and neighbors from dying.

And finally let’s all make an agreement right now that since you voted for Trump, when war breaks out, you get to sign up to serve first. Then your sons and daughters and then your grandchildren. I didn’t vote for him. I’ll not fight for him.


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