I Am Obstinate

I like to connect by telling stories, writing bad poetry, talking about taboo sex, and sometimes just updating everyone on my daily life. I don’t find my opinions particularly fascinating but I do think I can share so that someone, somewhere feels less alone in the world. I write beautiful, ugly, dark, stunning, surprising, lovely things. I will open your imagination. I will make you angry. I may make you laugh, I will for sure make you cry. I want you think about what you’ve read after you leave my page and talk to a friend and say “I read this really fucked up story online today.” I want to open your eyes. I want to identify with you. I want you to read what I’ve written for you and for you to in that little instant admit you liked it, that you enjoyed that dark little secret for just a few moments.

I write to stay relevant to me. I write to hold myself accountable. I write be truthful to myself in all ways. I write to entertain myself. I write what I want, when I want, where I want. I do check comments and I do so appreciate all feedback to anything I post but please know I am my own keeper. If I don’t like what you have to say it’s my right as I own this blog to tell you so or to just ignore you.

Let’s get down to it. I’m a bleeding heart Liberal. I believe in Pro-Choice. I believe the 2nd Amendment should be taken very seriously but not all guns should be restricted in the U.S.A. I definitely believe in the 1st Amendment, the Death Penalty, Progress, Hope, and Change. I think it’s UN-American to otherwise do so.

You can call me Obstinate, everyone else does. I do it sometimes to be contrary, it’s true, but most times it’s just my nature to force you to step outside your box and admit that not everything in life has to be “normal” or “standard”. I would say I had a pretty bad childhood, but I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who said “yeah mine was great, all shits and giggles.” I experienced alcoholic parents, foster care, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, and mental illness.

I met someone when I was 13 years old who turned into my husband when I was 20. I’ve been married to him for almost 20 years. 27 years of amazing highs and lows and I believe with every cell in my body, he is the one. I spent 15 years raising someone else’s children. I love to travel, create in the kitchen, and I adore dogs. My favorite gift to be given is a book and in the new age of technology an Amazon gift card so I can buy books for my Kindle. I would rather read a book than do just about anything else on Earth, and I’ve done a lot. I would say I live an amazing life. I would say I am the happiest now than I’ve ever been before and I would say I’m grateful.

I’ve decided suddenly to start a personal blog in part to share some of the fictional stories I’ve written over the years and the new ones I write every day but also to share with the public, friends, family, etc. my personal thoughts on every subject imaginable. I’ll hold nothing back. You’ll read curse words you’ve probably never heard before. You’ll read about sex you never thought possible. You’ll read about my political views and why I think no decent human-being would have voted for Rapey Cheeto.

I’ve always been a writer. One of my earliest memories from childhood is sitting at a square table in a tiny chair, Kindergarten. Mrs. Redman was telling my mother that I wouldn’t doodle in art class and therefore, I must be mentally retarded (her words in 1982). She recommended that I come to Kindergarten class whole days instead of half days like the rest of the class my age. My mother agreed. They both discovered very shortly that I would be no great Leonardo or Pablo, but what I would become was a 5 year old who could write entire stories in cursive. My imagination was all I had to keep me company, to quell the darkness in my mind. Even today, I’ll wake at 3 am with a story idea fixated in my brain. My husband, bless him, he always makes sure my cell phone is plugged in and within finger distance. I open my notes app and get my ideas down so I can go back to sleep knowing I’ll be able to flesh out my story, my idea the next morning.

Everything excites me, nothing escapes my interest or research. I believe knowledge reflects leadership and education is a powerful weapon.

I am a published author. I have written essays on what really makes America great, our Founding Fathers, Liberalism, Racism, Rape, and Alternative Parenting. I also write for several fetish magazines abroad. I don’t like to say “this is what I do” when it comes to what I write because I consider myself to be extremely versatile. Sometimes I like to write cute funny stories, sometimes I want to write about spousal abuse, and sometimes I just want to write about dirty gritty sex.

If you find yourself not so keen on one story, read another, I think you’ll find something you like. When you do, please follow or subscribe, send me a message. I talk to all of my fans and even send out questionnaires to help me follow up stories and create.