The Story of Obstinate

Sit down children and let me draw you a story with my words. There once was a beautiful Princess lost in the woods….

Just kidding, this isn’t that kind of story. This is the Story of Obstinate and how I came to be.

Many years ago I had a friend, a best friend I thought at the time. I did everything with this friend. We went to doctor’s appointments together, we raised our children together, we spent every holiday together, we played video games together, we even vacationed together, and every single night for 17 years this friend ate dinner at my table.

My husband and I decided to take a vacation in the fall this particular year, in the mountains. We asked our friend if he’d like to join us. He said of course! I booked our cabins and we packed up our ATV’s and we headed out for a long weekend.

We were probably only about 2 hours into our road trip portion of the super fun vacation when my friend did something he’d always done in the years I’d known him. He attempted to make me feel inferior to him. Usually I could take it in good fun and blow it off but in this particular moment I’d had a bit of a headache and decided it was time for him to finally admit that I was smarter than he was. I’d always been obtuse. I had never shied away from being mouthy, but now it was time for me to back up my bravado.

We argued over something pretty silly and I could tell my husband was getting a bit uncomfortable because he knew I was shamelessly leading my friend into a corner he couldn’t get out of. My husband has always known the scope of my education and intelligence, especially in times when I’m on fire. So I argued for the sake of winning and finally this friend told me that he didn’t think I was intelligent, he said he thought I was a Dumb Cunt. I corrected him and told him I wasn’t a cunt, I was being Obstinate.

He laughed and exclaimed loudly, “oh shit, see you have to make up fucking words to try and win an argument with me!” I told him in perfect calm that Obstinate was a word in the English Dictionary and he’d be wise to try and use it more often. He vehemently disagreed with much name calling and in general just trying to put me down. Even my husband tried to intervene and let him know it was in fact a real word. This friend just wouldn’t have it, he couldn’t face his truth in that moment that not only had I won the argument but I had proven to him once and for all my superiority in this friendship.

Some hours later during a horrendous thunderstorm somewhere in West Virginia my husband was grilling steaks in a small covered lodge next to our cabin. This good friend came out and sat down at a picnic table with his cell phone and after browsing Merriam-Webster Dictionary for a short while he looked at me. I knew it galled him. I could see it on his face. I knew he was angry at me and he should have been angry with himself for constantly over the years underestimating me and trying to keep me as some idea he had created in his head.

He turned away from me and said “so I guess now I”ll just call you an Obstinate Dumb Cunt.” I let him laugh it off that night but I knew something integral had changed in our friendship and would never be the same. You see, I’m attracted intrinsically to perspicacity in others. I lose interest quickly and tend to wilt visibly with the thought of mundane interactions. This is probably why my husband has been able to hold my interest for so long, he has a very high IQ and tends to keep himself educated on all issues be it music, books, politics, entertainment, etc. He seems to be the only person I actually seek out on a regular basis for a real conversation and he never disappoints me. The best thing about my husband is that when we have a discussion about anything at all, even if he thinks what I say might not be fact, he’ll look it up before he leaps. He doesn’t think I’m Obstinate at all but he laughs at the reference because he knows all the other words that can be used in it’s place, the same as I do, real ones, words.

I know words, I have always made it my business to know words and their meanings. I use words the right way every day and not just plain words, big words and I know it pisses people off and I don’t care, so maybe I am Obstinate, Adamant, Pertinacious, Unmovable, Refractory, Unflinching, Pigheaded, ha!

I feel like when people consistently use simple words to describe things and feelings they contribute to the “dumbing down” of society and that makes me incredibly sad. We have a plethora of beautiful, educational tools to boost our intelligence at the tips of our fingers, yet most of you are perfectly gratified using text abbreviations and emojis. You are contributing to making our children deficient.

That is the story of Obstinate, we did not all live happily ever after together. I now surround myself with people who appreciate intelligence and who help me see that I don’t have to pretend to be half-witted to have real lasting friendships. If you’d like to know more about me, check out the About Me page.

Obstinate xoxo